Ever been to Sedona?


Well you can check it out here.

Please help welcome our newest Urbanity blogger, Lucy, to her new hometown and her new photography project, Sedona Urbanity: A Slice of Heaven.

Want to show us around your town?  Start your own Urbanity blog!  All I ask is that you give me a little credit in the sidebar for coming up with the idea, and the rest of the blog is all yours.

don't ever say I didn't ask you for something...

Some of you may know that I do Improv Comedy.  Some of you don't.  Some of you support the arts.  Some of you don't.  Some of you have dollars to give.  Some of you don't.

If you do support the arts, and you do have dollars to give, please consider contributing those dollars to the Philly Improv Theater.  We need a home!  More information can be found by clicking on the pic above. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who toss a few into our bucket. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you that don't.  Thanks for coming here and spending some time with me here once in awhile.  I like showing you around town.

Like what you see here? There is lots more in the Urbanity Flickr stream!

BFT's (best friends today)

but now it's half a decade later...

Passyunk and Moore

"say it with me... BO-DE-GA" (16th Street from Christian to Dickenson)

this last one reminds me of this and this, which reminds me that parents can be shitty people.

did somebody say prayer flags? (12th and Washington)

Urbanity Memes are fun!

Lawn Furniture.

Passyunk and Dickinson

11th and Wharton

"I wish Ashley wasn't ded"

15th and Carpenter

can anyone explain this?  I see it a lot.

12th and Reed

Congratulations, Graduates.

15th and Somewhere

security systems

13th and Morris

Tourists Heart Vera Bradley and Ugly Comfortable Shoes... Makes them stick out like sore thumbs

11th and Chestnut

4th and Bainbridge

12th and Snyder