Hello there.  I just wanted to let you all know that I've started an Oh, the urbanity! Flickr photostream.

Blogger isn't very generous with their photo upload allowances and after a few years at this gig I've had to revamp the collection on this site a few times.  Getting rid of old crap to let in the new.  You know how it goes.

I started this blog as a humorous photo blog, but more often I find myself taking shots of things that I want to show you because they are part of my life or part of my day.  The way buildings look from the street or the stuff I use as landmarks and things I pass each day that I think you might like to look at and dirty aged pieces of something or other that no one has taken the time to clean up or take away.  Instead of posting them here, from now on I'll be posting the not-so-funny pictures on Flickr and the funnier stuff will be put up here.

You are all invited to visit:  Flickr Urbanity
and you can subscribe to the feed by clicking here.

Thank you so much for taking time to spend some time with me here.  I love showing you around my town.

40th and Chestnut

Passyunk and Mifflin

13th and Moore

13th and Morris

Broad and Tasker

Broad and Ellsworth

Broad and Washington

white folk

15th and Market

12th and Ellsworth

how bad off must one be if he can't even decide how to spell "junkie"?

Broad and Pine

17th and Chestnut

18th and Chestnut

19th and Chestnut

Sex in the City 3.

I've never seen the show, but this is pretty much how I picture it.  Topless people in odd fashions, hanging out and drinking.

10th and Bainbridge

15th and Market

it's 5pm. do you know where your kids are?

cigarettes, cheetos, drugs, silly bandz, booze, tattoos, stretchpants!