all over South Philly

I always miss the sales with fun stuff.  All I ever find is crap

16th and Locust

12th and Kimball

12th and Fitzwater


Rt 1 and Wissahickon to 17th and Erie to 16th and Toronto to Broad and Ontario to Broad and Cecil B.

"nicest place in town"?  Obviously.  Look at the crowd it draws...

funeral homes in Philly are mostly just homes where funerals are held.  It's weird.
still habitable, according to the people living here...
on a good day, I think it's wonderful that people can find their god and set up a church anywhere and do good with their dollars rather than gild a ceiling or something.  On a bad day, I think it's just damned pathetic.  Keep scrolling for more churches, like this next one in what used to be an old 7-11.  Or stable.  Or something...
The Temple University Temple.