Broad and Locust

17th and Locust

12th and Pine

12th and Spruce

12th and Locust

Spring Garden el platform

9th and Chestnut

getcho flyassedshades anna case foyo beepah

Broad and Chestnut


Broad and Chestnut


20th and Chestnut

20th and Chestnut

34th and Walnut


classic Philadelphia fencing.

lasts forever

13th and Mifflin

also, this is blackberry photo #999, which is satan, standing on his head.

I wonder what ever happened to the cat who used to live in this hair salon?  I guess he has to dye is hair at home now.

17th and Chestnut

weird, but at least the aliens don't know what she's thinking

I love little streets

7th and Dickenson

next to my car

wilmington, de

has plumbing.
and bathroom stalls that line up sequentially and numerously and identically, just the way I like things.

9th and Oregon

so, like, you got all C's?

8th and Oregon

it's what we do when we don't have a window to toss all the crap in.

9th and Wharton

Frankford and Church-Unity

so much for the anonymous part.  what happened to the good old days when you could just tell everyone you were going to church on Wednesday night?

13th and Pine

Broad and Spruce

gotta be a fake.

gah, I swore I wouldn't touch these here...

btw- "tame" is a local grafitti tag, and these two tiles went down at the same time.

sad trombone

I broke this blog. 
Blogger won't let me upload any new pictures because they think I'm hogging up too much of the internet over here.
Stay tuned.  I'm gonna figure this out.

13th and Bainbridge

13th and Pine

13th and South

my neighborhood

Comcast Center

12th and South

11th and South

9th and Bainbridge

just in case the one your grandmom made one hundred years ago is broken, you can go make your own at the ceramics studio.

6th and Wharton