Passyunk and Morris

slicked back pompadour ponytail: check
giant sunglasses: check
ipod: check
knockoff handbag: check
bare midrift: check
weird short jacket: check
short shorts: check
fake tan: check
Uggs: check
spring in South Philly: oh yeah!

Old Navy

12th and Market

12th and Chestnut

It's noon. On Wednesday

Front and Girard

Broad and Porter

Parking lots everywhere

I love how old men drive their ladyfriends to the store and instead of going in they take the time to give the car a once over.

Passyunk and Moore

behind the 3rd District Office

is there a problem officer?

11th and Reed

I got this same kind of bike for my 8th birthday. Royal Blue Schwinn Collegiate 3 speed.
It's probably worse off than this one.

13th and Spruce

I'm guessing white supremacists don't drink Heine's now that they've got the blacks and the gays.

11th and Spruce

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my house

11th and Wharton

12th and Mifflin

proof of miracles.
there was no one in sight