oh yes.

holler at'cher ride.

Just when I thought we were all getting bored with 12th Street pics.
REAL bullet holes.
Dream wheelz.
Get on top.

12th and Washington

underneath that taupe paint is a beautiful, mirrored, colorful Chinese dragon.

made by white people

white people who never consulted with the Chinese people who run businesses on the other side of the wall.

white people who never knew that their beautiful, mirrored, colorful Chinese dragon was a cursed dragon.

then business started to lag.

then all of a sudden the dragon was painted over.

I love that story

**I lifted the pic of the unruined mural from Mike Smash's MySpace. I don't know Mike Smash, but I know how to stalk people online

12th and Fitzwater

12th and Ellsworth

12th and South

a few years ago someone was murdered on this corner, and all that is left is a piece of string which used to hold a rose and his childhood teddybear.
I'm guessing his mom put it there.

13th and Spruce

I feel like if there is a such thing as heaven, it is just like Tuscany. All misty and rolly and rosemary and salty.

12th and Ritner

floor models and giant ashtrays
why would anyone throw these things away?

Broad and Walnut

world tour

Passyunk and Tasker

Broad and McKean

because this is the general attitude we should be pushing on our daughters?

12th and Jackson

we have zero birds like this in South Philly. We have pigeons, sea gulls, and those little birds that hang outside of every McDonald's all over the world. I'm assuming this fell out of someone's outfit.
If you've been to South Philly, this makes perfect sense to you.

City Hall

Broad and Chestnut

did you know we have a Pantheon here? No one ever notices.

no helmet (I know they are optional in Pennsylvania, but should not be for assholes that decide to wear their uniform while off-duty. I know she is off-duty because the City of Philadelphia does not utilize crotch rockets as official police vehicles), and that stupid FOP badge that cops put on their cars so that other cops won't give them tickets is covering more than half of her license plate numbers.
even though you can't really see this clearly, I'm still posting it because it annoys the shit out of me.

and yes, she ran all of the red lights.