12th and Sansom

Brit Brit? Oh honey, no. Not another one.

Just because Philly is smoke free doesn't mean you can bring your babies into the bar. Even if it is a swanky Irish joint like O'McWhatever the hell that is that just re-did itself since the last time that I drunkenly landed there after a night of $5 PBR pitchers at McGillans.

ps- baby, it's only 45 degrees outside.

pps- readers, double click to enlarge and tell me that isn't her.

Passyunk and Moore

I pass this place all the time and can never figure out what the hell it is. A barber shop? Sometimes. Is Miller's an old man coffee shop? Maybe on Tuesdays. A poker hall? On Wednesdays. I'm guessing there is some shady stuff going on in the back room based on the number of Grecian Formula-ed gentlemen filing in and out of there on a regular basis. The crap in the window always changes, but it's hard to get pics because the place is either packed or the shades are drawn.

Broad and Ellsworth

well if it ain't Rita then who is it?

Broad and Federal

Juniper and Reed

that's the same guy that cleans my tub.

Juniper and Reed

Clarion and Morris

i seriously thought that said "shart" at first.
i don't want either one of those kinds.

13th and Morris

22nd and Indiana

I love my city at dusk.

16th and Norris

18th and Chestnut

Italian Market

These are all from last spring, but I needed a good swift kick of nice weather because if I didn't I might start punching things. What do you like better? Drippy cakes or pork spits?

25th and Sedgely

one time I stopped with a geeky oldman coworker (who didn't trust me that i knew where i was going) at this place for directions, back in the olden days when it was open. i told the guy to head in the exact opposite direction that we were told by the auto repairman and ended up in the right place. i love jerks.
good times.
north philly holler.

15th and Callowhill