Wissahickon and the Expressway

11th and Porter

Broad and Erie

if you've ever been to Broad and Erie, you understand why I didn't take the time to reshoot this pic just to get the "Forever Boner" tag in the same shot as the $5 footlong shot.
It's phunny anyway

Broad and Erie

i forget who asked me about the Black and Nobel Bookstore, but yes it actually does exist.
And yes, they do send your order to county lockup.

42nd and Chestnut

church thrifts are funny. especially this one.

40th and Market

41st and Market

40th and Market

15th and Spruce


40th and Market

39th and Chestnut

Broad Street Subway Tasker-Morris

12th and Mifflin

looks like someone needs a little saving of his own.
it's sad when the jesus falls down in an abandoned house.
no one is there to pick him up.

13th and Morris

11th and Morris

13th and Moore

Produce Center