12th and Washington

underneath that taupe paint is a beautiful, mirrored, colorful Chinese dragon.

made by white people

white people who never consulted with the Chinese people who run businesses on the other side of the wall.

white people who never knew that their beautiful, mirrored, colorful Chinese dragon was a cursed dragon.

then business started to lag.

then all of a sudden the dragon was painted over.

I love that story

**I lifted the pic of the unruined mural from Mike Smash's MySpace. I don't know Mike Smash, but I know how to stalk people online


blackbelt said...

I LOVE that story. First I heard of it. Now I remember that thing. It probably had all the wrong traits of a proper, prosperity-bringing dragon. That dragon lore - it's complicated.

Fraulein N said...

I figured that's why it was covered up.