drawbridge on the A1A

hollywood, fla

i get mad if i have to pay $4

hollywood, fla

winn*dixie in islamorada, fla

what's grosser than gross?

everywhere in key west

i have never seen anything so offensive in my life

blue heaven in key west, fla

it is, mostly.

gas station in the keys

$10 12-packs of Bud
$25 cartons of Marlboros
$2.56 gallons of gas
a girl can get pretty far in these parts.

winn*dixie in key largo, fla

marriott hotel in key largo, fla

scotty's landing in miami, fla

wahoos in islamorada,fla

7th and Ritner

Oregon Diner Menu

This is an ad for a beauty salon over there on Delaware Ave. near the Wawa

Correct me for being cynical, but does that picture of a lady say "pretty" to you, or does it say "someone call an ambulance- Angelica Houston just had a stroke"

Sorry for the picture quality. I don't know what is up.


Oh, the Urbanity- Charm City Edition

I love it when people do what I do. It makes me feel influential and popular.
Start your own and let me know about it so I can link to it. We can take over the world with our camera phones.

12th and Vine

7th and Market

3rd and Florist

my house

jake on his bike in the dining room riding fast with a slow shutter speed.

3rd and Chestnut

Starbuckses everywhere

sounds disgusting but it is my new obsession. It's like a chocolate covered pretzel-pretzel+caramel

11th and Snyder

my house

yeah phils, boo Direct TV, yeah blimp above my house for two days, boo last nights loss

12th and Wharton

10th and Carpenter

10th and Carpenter

Broad and Spruce

I missed the chance to get a shot of his downward facing dog.

12th and Tasker

12th and Reed

13th and Pine

the not-so-new-anymore face of Philadelphia. Seriously, there were ten more of them around the corner at the coffee shop tables and at least a dozen of them across the street at Dirty Franks.
I'm going to start drinking more coffee and smoking more hash and cigarettes and riding more fixed gear and wearing blacker tighter pants and shopping H&M more and wearing more winter hats when it isn't cold and working less and showering less and eating less and and and and and doing everything they do except drink PBR because seriously, that's just like buying a hangover and then, maybe then, I'll get what these teeny-douches are up to.
And maybe lose 15 pounds, just in time for the holidays and my trip to Florida

Broad and Locust

He can't figure it out either. These things crack me up. Dave K says they are in Chicago too, are they in your town?

13th and Pine

12th and Mifflin

So exactly when do you notice that there is a word spelled wrong? You missed it when you wrote it for the first time. And then your buddy missed it when he read over what you wrote. Then the awning shop people miss it when you submit your order. Then the screenprinter misses it. Then the sign hangers miss it. Then you just say "aww wtf?" leave it there.

20th and Snyder

12th and Vine

road trip!

It's amazing how your outlook can change when you drive a couple hours and end up with a belly full of crab and pina coladas.

Comcast Center

remember when Comcast was just a rinky little local company?

9th and Moore

Sunday was the procession of the Saints. That is where you eat lots of snausage and make money dresses for iconic statues. There were a lot of these things, but it was hard to get pics. Lots of old ladies posing for shots with their dollars and their gods.