12th and Spruce

This is the boy's (middle) namesake.

NO! I've never been in there! Are you kidding me? That's a no-tel motel full of whores and boys who like boys but are married to girls who like boys. Oh, and unsuspecting businessmen who work for companies who are chintzy with the hotel allowance but are sucked in by the classy looks of the place.

But the building is beautiful and the word "Alexander" is beautiful and I just knew I had to paste it on my child somehow.

Suburban station, 16th and JFK

art deco buildings are awesome, right down to the elevator lights.

a side note: I completely embarassed myself by taking this picture when I saw there was someone else in the elevator with me who probably thought I was a complete whack job for taking pictures of the ceiling. When I apologized and tried to explain, I felt like a real dumbass because I was actually all alone and didn't notice that the back wall of the elevator was polished brass and mirror-like. Then I was confused about why I still can't recognize myself after 32 years of living. It happens all the time, mostly in stores and exterior windows.

Hey I have that same shirt!

13th and Mifflin

oh man, i wish there wasn't a toddler running away from me so i coulda gotten a close up on this snapshot of south philly life.
bleached hair, cropped sweater, old man, denim skirt, creepy other guy, gold mirrors, pizza menus in the mail box, angels and an air conditioner in the window, apartments (probably illegally) made from a single house, bad stucco, fauxlace maroon curtains from ValuPlus, house for sale, Jersey plate on a passing SUV. it's all there. double click to enlarge

Broad and South

garbage cans are a good idea. not hiring staff to empty them is a bad idea.

21st and Hamilton

bad park job down at the station

the gap

risky business

12th and Moyamensing

i don't know what the biggest problem is here. the spelling of veiny? the poorly drawn, um, from what I gather, that is a picture of a three-fingered weightlifter giving a thumbs up and wearing a 3/4 length sleeved wizard's robe? the illegible words?

12th and Moore

good for children

12th and Jackson

first severed heads, now severed hands. how will i deal with the neuroses?


$15 is a little pricey for vag feeling in South Philly. You can get it way cheaper on Moyamensing after sundown.

Mirriam Theatre

oh man, poor Jackee' 's career has gone so far south that she is forced to acknowledge the fact that she actually does, in fact, have a last name.

10th and McClellan

so that's where my missing cat has gone. selling houses in the big city

9th and Moore

12th and Reed

reason #87c not to eat anything with blue food coloring: it doesn't digest

and who stepped in the puke?

Broad and Wolf

That is one of those "famous" people who is only famous in 1957 and in South Philly but he is famous enough to get his picture posted on the Famous People Who Ate Here wall at the restaurant.

Why he is topless, I don't know.

My guess is he (like every other man in South Philly) starred in a movie with Annette Funicello and never put his shirt back on because that would mean his career was really over.