So, life here at The Urbanity as we know it may be changing. I got a spanky new Blackberry and I just found out that I can't turn off the camera shutter sound. Horror of horrors! How do I take closeups of ridiculous people now? This is most upsetting.

I read somewhere that there are new laws regarding camera noises because of people like me. I'm the pits. Who knows if it is true but I guess some people are sick and they are taking pictures of people peeing and other dirty stuff so maybe the law makes sense.

My solution is a difficult one. I guess I can use my old phone and the memory card to take pictures and then load the memory card into my new phone and email them to myself and then load them up to Blogger. Sounds like a lot of work, no? We'll see. Then again, I live in a bustling city so maybe no one will hear the clicking. Who knows. Until I figure this out, why not check the archives if you get bored? There is some funny stuff back there that you may have missed or forgotten about.

12th and Ritner

seriously, have you ever considered putting a head in your window? wtf?

Passyunk and Reed

yes, that says bacon pancakes

the house behind my house

philadelphia laundry