internet fun

If you don't feel like working today, do this instead.

Then you can send it to your friends. And your friends will send it to their friends. And by Monday, we will all be on the fake news.

9th and Chestnut

It's not so bad...
you could be this guy

my neighborhood

i'm the meanest mom ever. this is my kid suffering a time out right in front of everybody because he doesn't know how to act.

Parenting 101: when in doubt, toss your child onto the nearest boarded up burned out house and hope that no crackheads reach thru the boards and snatch him.

Washington Square

mommy-baby exercise groups in the park?
maybe you shoulda laid off the ice cream those nine months. then you wouldn't be struggling to lift your leg into the air in a PUBLIC PLACE while your brat crawls around looking for needles and broken glass to shove in its gob.

15th and Spruce

Juniper and Locust

poop in a bag
balls on her heels