Italian Market

Nam Phoung

Em I See.
See you rearry soon.
Kay Ee Why.
Why? Because we rike you.

Broad and Vine

or you know, when ever they feel like it.

City Hall

holy. effing. beard.

15th and Market

are you trying to look ugly?

Walnut Street Bridge

21st and Walnut

13th and Market

it's hot out

16th and Locust

Rittenhouse Square

ladies, how much do you hate this air-guitar playing douche bag? yes. he is playing air guitar, and singing.

i used to go to the same gym as him and he would always get in trouble for taking his shirt off

15th and Walnut

city hall

13th and Chestnut

Zero hours? Really?

43rd and Chestnut

S. Juniper

I live dangerously close to the Mason Dixon line.

16th and Market

12th and Chestnut

12th and Morris

feed it.

10th and Tasker

13th and McKean

these guys again

3rd and Arch


exact replica of my kitchen. nothing to eat but arms and a lukewarm bottle of water


10th and Passyunk

Jose Pistolas

i've had a few beer dinners in my day. and never did they involve meat.

well... maybe some tubesteak for desert.

12th and Mifflin


Broad and Christian

80s hair

12th and Chestnut

No, I don't want no