15th and Latimer


17th and Mifflin

Good marketing techniques require Top Rolling Papers to be placed strategically next to the Enfamil which has been sitting in the sun since 1998.

13th and McKean

It's gotta be the work of obnoxious hipsters. Real live crazy people don't travel this far from their original spot of craziness


did you know that this is how brusselsprouts grow? i pictured them more like tiny cabbage patches

ladies magazines

Redbook magazines are so much different than Cosmo

publix in beaufort, sc

hiding your feminine products is one of the lesser known southern graces.

real men just pee and say it's crotch sweat from working out so hardcore



i give thanks to the topless indians who taught us how to cook turkey and corn. and mashed sweetpotatoes with lots of butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows, which is the greatest native american contribution ever made.

publix in beaufort, sc

i think i saw a movie called cocoa bumpers once. totally not for children.

antique store in beauford, sc

southerners can be so cute. celluloid, y'all. it's celluloid

publix in beaufort, sc

what makes you want to puke more? premade hotdogs or bacon that doesn't need to be refrigerated?

jessup and moore


11th and Moore

20th and Arch

16th and Cherry

social service bathrooms are my favorite service bathrooms. There is another sign in there that demands that we take all newspapers and reading material with us when we leave, but my boss was there and I didn't want to have to explain why I was taking a picture.

17th and Locust

late bloomers

17th and Locust

15th and Locust, Fado

too early

16th and Locust


Red Family Home Housekeeping Journaly Book

bigger is not always beautifuller

Red Family Home Housekeeping Journaly Book

Broad and Sansom


12th and Ritner

I hope that the real CNN News cars are a little flashier than five year old Civics.

Broad and McKean

38th and Chestnut

your tax dollars at work. we are nothing if we aren't safe from 9-5

everywhere downtown

word on the street that this is the work of a hipster, not a real live crazy person. but it's still blogworthy


11th and Ritner

12th and McKean, Ego Thrift

the nice thing about south philly is that they can put this crap out as halloween costumes on halloween and then bring it back in and sell it for regular clothes the rest of the year.

Griscom and Orthodox

two different cars, both asking me how bad i got it.

not that bad. not that bad.

12th and McKean, Joe Joe's

no one is gonna buy your 1964 spices.

Frankford and Unity

i told you there was a such thing as sporty mexican bedazzled puffy black pirate shirts. you just have to shop in the right thrift store.

12th and Chestnut

you know she is no stranger to serving mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop


don't judge me. i know i'm going to hell for drinking this. but it sure is pretty, and i'm probably going to hell anyway so bottoms up.