Austin, Tay-hass

goin 90 i ain't scary
cause i got my virgin mary
assurin me
that i won't go to hell

god bless texas

courtesy of jori.

16th and Spruce

how does this happen? honestly? have you ever dropped an unwrapped, unused tampon on the ground outdoors? have you ever had a reason to have an unwrapped, unused tampon outdoors?

16th and Pine

crazy christian hipsters and their $300 jesus messenger bags. what next? they told me to have a blessed day and to say my prayers and tipped Said handsomely after they ordered their oh-so-complicated, never-duplicated decaf moca-choca-latte-yayas with carob instead of chocolate and soy instead of cow or whatever it is that the straight edged kids are drinking these days and asked him if he knew jesus as his savior. as if. his name is Said.
please shop at R.E.Load
please drink coffee from La Citadelle

8th and Spring Garden

why is it that every time I find a flyer for an activity that I'd like to do, I'm too late?

13th and Tasker

i'd be in opposition, but since my career is pretty much built on people who are addicted to something that is worth neglecting thier children for, i'm gonna go ahead and say yes to the whole casino thing.

Iseminger and Dickinson

did someone shoot that pumpkin? seriously?

Bouvier and McKean

what do pizza shops look like in your town? no red roofs here.

Iseminger and Moore

that poor thing, chained up all day...

11th and Callowhill

There are lots of rules if you want to do your drinking at the Trestle Inn.

Ridge and Connaroe

more social service bathrooms. tp in the shower? why not? there was also a scale in that bathroom. weird.

from sara and hope

turns out i'm not the only one who sees weird stuff.

11th and Snyder.

i'll try, but no promises.


morningstar vs. oscar mayer, round one.

5th and Diamond

I know you've seen it before, but I love this spot.

15th and Spruce

crazy party spot. that's a bottle of L.Acidopholus, btw. i'm not down with that kind of party. i know you ladies out there hear me loud and clear.

9th and Dickinson

which way do you think Tony and Sam killed these ones?

It's really disturbing to walk by this place, you can actually hear the slaughters.

9th and Wallace

North, east, south, and west corners. Can you believe these houses are actually public housing projects? I wish I was poor.

7th and Green

Do you know what this is?
Here's a hint- you don't find them in new houses, especially in the city. You have to have a really old house in order to be the proud owner of one of these at your front door.
Three points to the first right answerer.

12th and Callowhill

i can't believe i thought they were imported. no, they are all made in that crappy little disgusting neighborhood northeast of city hall

12th and Callowhill

C bus

pimpin' ain't easy. it tires a grown man out.

Broad and Morris

Class, who can use the phrase "tranny whiskers" in a sentence?

That chick was real hot until I realized that what must have been her tranny whiskers had chaffed the insides of my thighs.

Very good.

22nd and Lehigh

red foxx deli. do you think he approves?

store front church

does your town have these on every block? mine does.

17th and Diamond

working girl

St. Joe's Prep

nice pink tie, Godboy.

15th and Manton

it's like this all year round. wait til i take a picture at Christmastime

15th and Manton

it's like this all year round. wait til i take a picture at Christmastime

9th and Chestnut

Broad Street Line

beats sitting next to a hobo.

Temple U station/ 12th and Durfor

Grey camo? Are you trying to hide in London? Or maybe Seattle?

or in this truck?