11th and Moore

Touchdown? Is that German? Do they even allow Germans in that neighborhood?

11th and Wallace

good message for the kiddies

under the el

from Margaret-Orthodox to K&A. Unfortunately I couldn't upload for some reason and I filled up my memory by the time I got to K&A. There were tons of other things that I would have loved to show you. Oh well. Next time.

there are always lots of copyright infringements in the hood


proof that nature once thrived

i have a bridge to sell you

jesus, mary, buddha, and an indian chief walk into a bar...

not good advertising tactics. never put a gross out face anywhere on your place of business unlike in South Philly, in Kensington:
worst severed head in a window ever
the beast is on sale

260 S Broad

why I use the back door of my office building.


just in case it gets hot, part deux

Broad and Pine

your tattoos should be a mark of you as an individual, something that tells the world something personal about you, something that is profound. something like new jersey.

13th and Spruce

bad guys

20th and Walnut

13th and Lombard

wouldn't it be funny if Stephanie married Antonio and her name would be Slapin-Atacan?

My can needs slapped.

15th and Pine

17th and Pine

I want that job

16th and Pine

battle grounds

12th and Lombard

I don't know if we are supposed to go there or avoid there

12th and Washington

12th and Wharton

12th and Jackson

The City of Philadelphia supports both Victory Brewers and Yards Brewers. Just like its residents

Walnut Street stop

Passyunk and Dickinson

Broad and Morris

Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!

Broad and Walnut

12th and Arch

12th and Locust

Jesus gets his coffee at Brew-Ha-Ha. In the Gayborhood. Who knew?

23 bus

this lady drinks four lattes at the 15th and Latimer Starbucks every day. Obviously those bags are full of cash.


Snyder Ave stop

um, sir? you left your short shorts behind. now what are you going to wear with your muscle shirt and rollerskates?

my house

is bloody underwear left on your doorstep a mob hit omen thing? Cause if it is, I'm moving.

8th and Spruce

Pennsylvania Hospital, putting the "Mother" in Chemotherapeutic Waste since 1751

my office

I'm just plain old white