10th and Pine

this guy again

Snyder Avenue

Bar Noir

11th and Pine

where the trees match the brick and the rugs match the curtains

Broad and South

ugliest shoes ever.

38th and Pemberton

sorry, guy.

13th and Mifflin

this cat lives in a punk rock hair salon.
who knew?

40th and Lancaster

11th and Pine

I'm not sure either

5th and Diamond

Broad and Spruce

5th and Girard

7th and Walnut

4th and Chestnut

traffic jam

4th and Walnut

dressing like this is normal in my town

Customs House

8th and Walnut

Honey, do you remember if we were in Tyranny?

Yes dear. Always.

12th and Something


...so he can open it if it gets too hot outside

my office

I certainly will not use a dirt micoware

15th and Locust

7th and Walnut

close your eyes
give me your hand

11th and pine

pink glitter under your bike? gayest. thing. ever.

12th and mckean

they must still sell ginsu knives

temple u

biggest frat house ever